The Great West Way offers plenty of choices to the curious traveller – where will you go? What will you see? How will you travel? You can journey along the route by foot, bike, car, boat or train – or using an array of different transport options. The choice is yours! But to make life easier for you, we asked some of the lovely locals who work and live here on the Great West Way how they would choose to travel along the route…


“I would choose bike – you can set your own pace, stop where you like, get off the beaten track and you just see so much more than you do through a window. Oh, and it’s good for you!” -  Alex Brannen, Communications Manager at Reading UK.

“You can’t beat a canal barge!” - Trevor Heeks, Trowbridge Town Crier.

“I like to drive as this provides the opportunity to explore areas some of the villages and towns that aren’t on the railway lines. I also enjoy taking a train for some of the longer journeys as it gives me time to take in the scenery.” - Amy Waller, Team Manager of Carnivores at Longleat.

Narrow Boats

“Boat, either Kayak or open boat ideally on some moving water. We are really lucky in this part of the country to have easy access to some fantastic rivers.” - Leon Troake, Operations Manager at Cheddar Gorge & Caves.

“I am a big fan of the train as I love to take in the scenery from the window.” - Tom Newey, Chief Executive at Cobbs Farm Co. Ltd.

“A narrowboat would offer the Great West Way traveller the most inclusive mode of transport while on the canal, a home on the water and a way to navigate the meandering waterways through the variety of rural and urban canals.” - Richard Jones, Waterways Operative at Canal & River Trust.

“If I had to choose one, it would probably be the train and, in particular, travelling on the smaller branch lines with more stops along the way.” - Peter Rollins, Thermae Bath Spa


How will you travel the route? Find out more about the different options available and start planning for your trip along the Great West Way today.

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