We caught up with David Glass, Head Gardener of Bowood House and Gardens, to find out about the history of the house and its inspiring gardens.

"Bowood is very fortunate to be along the Great West Way. Anyone who is travelling from London would have the opportunity to visit this beautiful parkland and come and see what we do.

"The Lansdowne family came to Bowood in 1754. The first thing they set about doing was remodelling the original house that was here - and then went straight on to building the house that we now see as Bowood. They also at that time went about building the 4-acre walled garden, which is what we have around us today.

"Of course, Bowood was very lucky to be set in a beautiful area - and the backdrop is the Capability Brown parkland that surrounds Bowood. We have this magnificent lake that makes a wonderful surround to the gardens here.

"One of the best things about having gardens like this is that people can come and see what we do. Hopefully they can get some inspiration for their own gardens from what we do here, and what might work in their own gardens."

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Bowood House and Gardens
Historic House / Palace
Bowood House and Gardens

Outstanding 18th century mansion house estate.