We talk to Guy Hungerford from Guyers House Hotel and Restaurant near Corsham about the history and heritage of the Great West Way - a part of England full of stunning architecture built with wealth amassed from sheep farming. Read on to find out more, or watch the short clip above.

"Guyers House is an old house that goes back to the 1670s - added on to a great deal over the last centuries. It has been a hotel for seven years now. We run it entirely on the basis of treating people as you would if your friends were coming to stay. 

"It fits in with the Great West Way, as a progression through the West Country; a most historical part of England which was largely originally founded on sheep. A great deal of remarkable architecture - from Salisbury Cathedral in the South of Wiltshire to towns like Corsham and Bradford on Avon, right through to Bath - was all built on the back of sheep! That's why this area is so rich in buildings and heritage, and Guyers House is part of that." 

Discover Guyers House Hotel and Restaurant for yourself during your adventure on the Great West Way. 

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Guyers House Hotel and Restaurant
External view

Guyers House Hotel & Restaurant is the first choice for those looking for a charming, traditional country house matched by friendly customer service.

Corsham High Street