Hello! Please introduce yourself:

I am Phoebe, Bristol-born living on the South Wales/ South West border, and the Marketing Executive at Urban Creation. Urban Creation is comprised of three sub-brands, Urban Apartments for serviced apartments, Urban Student for student accommodation and clever space for in house construction. Our sub-brand Urban Apartments host high quality serviced apartments in the heart of Bristol and London.

Urban Apartments in Bristol

Tell us a little more about what you do on the Great West Way:

Urban Apartments are proud ambassadors of the Great West Way. Focused on providing top-notch services and accommodations, we are a great choice for individuals embarking on the Great West Way journey. My responsibilities include promoting the excellence of the route, highlighting key attractions in the area of Bristol, and offering top recommendations to guarantee an exceptional travel experience.

What do you love most about your job?

I love meeting and partnering with great companies, individuals and organisations, such as the Great West Way. As well as bringing to life innovative and creative strategies to present our services to the public.

What’s a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me includes writing articles, press releases and blog posts, creating video and picture content for social media, building brilliant partnerships with local companies in Bristol and the surrounding areas, as well as researching new up and coming events. My job is all about making great connections to help create the best experience possible for all our guests, as well as shouting about how great Urban Apartments are.

Do you work with a wider team? If so, tell us a bit about them:

I do, I work as part of a whole office team who all work together to make Urban Apartments the best it can be. Our marketing team help to create a strong trusted brand, our construction team keep on top of our ongoing projects, the housekeeping team make sure everything is perfect for your stay, the lettings and reservations team offer a friendly, personalised approach to help you secure your stay and feel right at home; and the finance team keep on top of all the important numbers!

What do you find inspiring day-to-day? What keeps the enthusiasm going?

It would have to be the team! It’s hard to lose enthusiasm when you’re surrounded by hard-working and fun people! We’re a light-hearted bunch at Urban Apartments, I think that’s what helps with the down-to-earth, personal approach in our guest experience.

Any interesting or funny anecdotes related to your role or your experiences with visitors that you can share?

Our serviced apartments host lots of different people, from leisure guests to business stays. We have even hosted some big names, tv stars and fun fact: a music video has been filmed in one of our apartments!

What does slow travel mean to you?

Slow travel to me means taking your time, taking everything in, giving yourself the opportunity to fully explore the areas you’re visiting, something it’s very easy to forget to do; I’m certainly guilty of running here there and everywhere, especially in the city! That’s the beauty of the Great West Way attractions, they make you stop and look, and our serviced apartments provide a bit of calm in the heart of the bustling city so you can really take it all in.

Malmesbury Town Wiltshire

What do you think makes the Great West Way special?

When you think of the West Country, especially as someone further away or even from another country, it’s easy to only visualise the big cities, such as Bristol or London. The beauty of the Great West Way is that it introduces visitors to smaller, towns, villages, and beauty spots that they may have never ever thought to visit. It helps to give a full representation of this part of the world. Whilst the hottest attractions and well-known areas help shape the west country, they don’t make up for even half it’s charm and beauty.

Do you have any insider tips or advice for travelers who want to experience the touring route ‘like a local’?

Don’t be afraid to veer off track. The great thing about the Great West Way route is you can carve your own path and choose your own destinations. Explore areas you might not have thought to before, that way you can see the areas authentically, the places only the locals really go. My tip for exploring like a local would be that when researching what do to, be sure to look for smaller independent shops, businesses and restaurants as opposed to chains and bigger establishments, to really get a feel for the local business. Talk to the locals too, there’s no better way to blend in like a local than to make friends with one!

Describe your perfect adventure on the Great West Way:

The perfect mix of local food, scenic walks, and artsy history.

What’s your favourite thing to eat or drink along the touring route (can be a meal, a local delicacy, or a favourite tipple)? Any cafes, restaurants, or pubs you can recommend?

First, you can’t visit the West Country without indulging in some local cheese and cider. Check out the Thatcher’s brewery in Sandford if you’re a cider lover, and if you get the chance to try mulled cider, take it!

When you touch down in Bristol, boy do I have food recs for you. One of the great perks about my job is discovering yummy restaurants for our guests to visit; I have a whole blog on Bristol food recommendations you can read here, as well as new restaurants coming to Bristol in 2024, so you can be ahead of the curve.

Are you a city, town, or country person?

I am a city, town, AND country person – is that allowed? They all have their perks!

Growing up in the Welsh town of Chepstow, I’m a sucker for quaint towns and villages. The surrounding Welsh countryside and Forest of Dean has made me fall in love with green countryside walks and stunning scenery. Having spent three years studying in London, as well as currently living 20 minutes away from Bristol, I also get to enjoy the city life and love the variety of things going on. So yes, I say all three.

Clifton Suspension Bridge in Spring

If you could choose one must-visit attraction along the Great West Way, what would it be and why?

It may be an obvious choice, but I can’t be part of a Bristol based company without saying The Clifton Suspension Bridge. It is, in my opinion, the most picturesque part of the city with a stunning observatory where you can grab a drink or bite to eat and enjoy the view. It’s also close to stunning Clifton village and our serviced apartments.

Fun fact: Did you know that the first Bungee Jump ever happened on the Clifton Suspension Bridge? I’ve written a blog all about it here.

What do you think will surprise first-time visitors about the Great West Way? Any secret, lesser-visited spots you’d like to recommend?

I think people will be surprised just how many hidden gems and small communities there are along the route. There are so many amazing paths you can take – it’ll almost make you want to journey it 10xs over to cover them all.

I recommend the River Avon trail. Managed by the Avon Frome Partnership, the Trail runs from Pill in North Somerset to Pulteney Bridge, Bath. Along the way there are some stunning pitstops. Part of the trial I recommend would be the Conham Park River walk. Enjoy a stunning walk along the river and end up at the Chequers Inn for a tasty pub lunch and drink overlooking the river. If you go on a warm enough day, you may even see some people brave enough to go for a dip!

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